Achieve Business Outcomes through Operational Performance Thinking

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Successful organizations know that a good plan is needed to achieve a goal. But how do you know whether your plan is good, or if it’s just a wish?  Operational Performance Thinking can help make sure those goals are more than wishes.  It is all about how the plan gets you to that goal. Be clear about what the change you are making will do:  Will it:

  • Provide a better member experience
  • Reduce costs through automation
  • Ensure compliance with regulations
  • Bring innovation to the marketplace

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Improving Member Experience Begins with an Engaged Contact Center

It seems that nearly every day, I read or see a story that ties back to the customer experience. You hear these stories everywhere:  airlines, restaurants, online retailers.  The story is almost always less than glowing when it involves an insurance company of any kind. But something interesting happens when the story is about healthcare. The story, so often has a common through line and conclusion.

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Transform Great Subject Matter Experts to Great Trainers

Take a moment and think about the training team in your company, do you have a good picture in your mind? Is the team made up of subject matter experts?

If yes, that is very common as Subject Matter Experts (“SMEs”) have exceptional knowledge and expertise.

SMEs can transform into great trainers with the right focus and support from leadership.

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Let’s Train the Trainer!

Tell me if this sounds familiar: Your company has staffed its training department with experienced subject matter experts (SMEs) who have the knowledge required to train highly effective employees, but there is something getting lost in translation. Ask yourself: what’s missing? Did your company take the time to work with those SMEs to develop the critical platform skills needed to become highly effective trainers?  The effectiveness of SMEs who are new trainers without a formal ‘Train the Trainer’ program often lacks facilitation skills that limit the development of their adult learners.
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