Program Implementation Leadership

The Zelus team is comprised of expert Project Managers, Business Analysts, User Acceptance Testers, and Operational Experts. Zelus leads projects by focusing on the burning question, “Are we poised to reach our outcomes?” Our guiding principle here is that the systems we implement are only ‘a means to an end’ for the business improvements that led to the initiative originally.

Zelus’ Implementation Leadership Model focuses on bridging the gap between the current reality and the promise of tomorrow, bringing about:

  • A better solution for the business team
  • Less rework over the life-cycle of the product
  • A smoother go-live and user acceptance of changes

Testing Management
Within our Program Implementation Leadership capability is a deep expertise in Testing Management.  Zelus’ Testing Management philosophy is an integrated model focused on flushing out the feasibility and constraints related to the business process as a whole. We aim to go beyond “ticking the box” on a requirements matrix, instead using real-life business workflows to create a robust test plan representative of the real life day-one usage.

Our team relies heavily on our operational background to dig deep into the business team’s expectations and needs to create as realistic day-1 scenarios and test plans as possible to provide the project with honest expectations for the go-live. We hold true to the old adage – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. What is discovered during testing can be planned for on go-live and we like to make sure our clients are prepared.

A Quick Case Study

A large regional health insurer moving to an outsourced Pharmacy Benefits Manager.

Issue: The Pharmacy Department was in the process of outsourcing its Pharmacy Benefit Management functionality, while keeping the clinical pharmacy functions in house. The department used our assistance from the Request-for-Proposal stage through implementation.

Result: Reorganized the department based on the initial analysis in order to centralize functions that had originally been segregated and often duplicated.

  • Met all deadlines for go-live despite a delayed start to the program. Implemented all commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid lines of business in six months from project initiation to go live.
  • Spearheaded a system transformation within a seemingly impossible time frame to fix the gaps identified during a CMS audit. The issues had been ignored for many years and were causing member out-of-pocket calculations to be incorrect. Authored a Medicaid Transition Plan document which was submitted and accepted by NY State as it relinquished management of it Medicaid population’s pharmacy benefits. The submission was noted as a model document for other plans to use as guidance.

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