Instructional Content Development

Zelus develops Instructional Content based on what makes your organization unique to build solutions that leverage your uniqueness to achieve your desired objectives and drive adoption of the change you seek when you invest in your people.

Zelus’ experts build training solutions using proven adult learning and training practices to ensure employees perform their work efficiently and productively. Performance Thinking is at the heart of our Instructional Content Development services allowing us to rapidly develop and deliver needs analysis and direction at the outset of a project. We are three times faster than industry standard because we start with Performance Thinking.

We build training solutions that promote self-learning, accelerated adoption, and fast retention by pairing senior designers with technical experts to create interactive, stimulating programs for adult learners. By keeping up with the latest advances in the industry and utilizing a variety of techniques, we provide the right training at the right time.

Our solutions include:

  • eLearning
  • classroom programs
    • lesson plans
    • content
    • exercises
    • assessments
    • job aids
    • participant guides
  • facilitation services
  • training delivery
  • train-the-trainer
  • trainer certification

A Quick Case Study

A regional health care company offers a broad spectrum of group and network-based health care products to approximately 3 million members.

Issue: The instructional design team was under performing. Training material was often incomplete and did not result in floor-ready trainees.

Solution: The Director outsourced the instructional design team to Zelus

Result: Zelus’ partnership with the existing instructional design team lead to:

  • Revision of more than 750 training documents for all lines of business including Medicare and Medicare Advantage
  • Development of robust hands-on exercises across multiple systems
  • Delivery of assessments that predicted the capability of the trainee
  • Dramatic increase in eLearning utilization
  • Floor-ready trainees meeting quality and productivity goals

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