Transform with PACE

How do you transform your approach? How do you implement an impactful solution in an area that only gets incremental attention? How do you create a legion of superheroes?

PACE, our state-of-the-art, integrated on-boarding solution creates agents who are superheroes with the powers of critical thinking and problem solving through accelerated learning. Broad and comprehensive knowledge allows them to engage with your members to deliver an exceptional experience.

How does PACE build superheroes? Designed for students to master key concepts individually and in concert with each other, PACE uses a building block approach to teach these complex concepts.

To fully learn a complex concept, it is best to “chunk” the learning so we break the knowledge into pieces allowing learners to fully comprehend each piece of the puzzle. By the end of the course, the full concepts are not only understood, but can be applied in an agent’s daily work as they communicate with members and providers. Our PACE solution incorporates adult learning techniques; and lessons have been carefully sequenced for the learner to:

  • Understand concepts
  • Articulate concepts clearly and concisely
  • Practice answering calls with empathy and confidence
  • Refine calls keeping proficiency in mind

Let PACE transform your agents. Contact Carol Fahy or Jenny Graham at or let us know how to contact you: