Health plans are more complex than ever and the work of the call center agent is more important than ever as consumer expectations continue to evolve.

Operating an effective call center is central to achieving strategic member engagement objectives and success starts with each agent.

Thriving as a customer service payer agent requires P.A.C.E:

  • Proficiency
  • Accuracy
  • Confidence
  • Empathy
We’ve designed an innovative onboarding program that helps students master key concepts individually, and in concert with each other.

Our program is founded on 3 key tenets:

  1. Don’t practice on the customer
  2. Wow Your Customers with US Healthcare Knowledge
  3. Teach empathy at every step

After PACE, your agents are more flexible and adaptable as the industry changes because they understand Health Care at its very foundation. They are flexible and adaptable as products and operations change because they understand the industry at its very foundation.

Agents learn insurance topics coupled with listening and probing skills so they can determine what the caller is asking and articulate an answer the caller can understand. We focus heavily on how to drive EMPATHY and the soft skills needed to handle the complex situations that agents deal with every day.

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