Learning & Development Principles

Intentional Instructional Design Drives Productivity

Effective learning materials must be created with intent and a focus on what the learner needs to know about the topic; not what the instructor wants to tell. In today’s fast-paced business world where training time comes at a cost of missed productivity, it is critical to spend the time on what the learner needs to know, no more no less. Zelus integrates blended, adult learning focused instructional methods to engage the learner and promote critical thinking required on the job allowing the learner to continually upgrade their skills.

Dynamite Delivery Engages the Adult Learner

Attention spans keep getting shorter and shorter requiring classroom and digital learning to be delivered in an engaging manner using various techniques such as group discussions, interactive role plays, activities customized to the topic, and simulations. Adults learn by immediately applying skills and knowledge. Zelus integrates a variety of instructional techniques throughout each curriculum to successfully reach adult learners. Our trainer certification programs focus on dynamite delivery techniques to keep each learner engaged.

Accelerated Adoption Requires an Effective Launch Plan

Learning is the first step in adoption, not the last. Accelerating adoption begins with a product or service that is easy to use, provides consistent results, and provides benefits for the adopter. A key success factor is a well-executed launch plan that includes leadership communication, measurements tied to compensation, effective training, and on-the-job coaching and support. Zelus’ capabilities include implementation planning, execution, material development, and training delivery aligned to adoption expectations.

Meaningful Measures are Necessary for Ongoing Progress

This is where the rubber meets the road, as they say. Measurements are the start and the end of the process. Developing measurements during the material build process is the only way to ensure that what is delivered has a shot at meeting the desired performance outcome. Create measures early and continue to ensure that material development, training delivery, learner assessment, coaching, and learning compensation are all aligned to these measurements. At Zelus, measurements is in the forefront of every learning initiative.

The Learning Process Promotes Continued Employee Performance

Organizations with an effective learning process are more able to provide excellent, consistent and efficient customer experiences. Companies need to build teams that can create and deliver engaging content, coach to achieve adoption and improvements, measure results and use the results to improve the next learning experience and promote continued improved performance.  Zelus has expertise to bring your Learning Process to the next level.

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