Beyond Process. Performance. Results.

Zelus, a trusted adviser to healthcare payers, insurance brokerage firms, and governmental agencies, delivers customized, high-quality Business Process ImprovementProject Implementation LeadershipInstructional Design and Training Delivery solutions for clients of all sizes and scopes.

Zelus believes that high performance requires business processes aligned to the business goals, systems that help workers perform their work easier, faster, and better; all with a motivated and trained work force.

Zelus helps clients achieve their highest performance by improving outcomes in operational strategy development, implementation, learning, and change management. As partners in the process, Zelus evaluates, analyzes, implements, and elevates your business.

Founded in 2004 by Carol Fahy and Jenny Graham, Zelus helps clients to improve their operational performance in a measurable, repeatable, and sustainable way. Zelus is proud to be a small, women-owned business.

To learn more about what Zelus can do for you, please email us at or let us know how best to reach you: